• Membership



    All members of Cultural Treasures receive;

    • Opportunities to attend and participate in national conferences, seminars, workshops, study tours, camping tours, festivals, award shows and international events in which Cultural Treasures is participating, either free of charge or at substantially reduced rates.
    • Access to information on Cultural Treasures web sites www.culturaltreasures.org.pk
    • A membership card and certificate.
    • Access to membership directory updated annually.
    • Avail sponsorship programs of Cultural Treasures education wing.
    • Publish research and scholarly papers in CULTURAL TREASURES Magazines.
    • Access to online member blog to publish research, post questions and comments and interact with other Cultural Treasures members.
    • Access to the free Cultural Treasures Library and book bank.
    • Assist in FREE Publishing of books/novels of NOVICE writers and POETS not having enough resources.
    • FREE Monthly event including Meal (ONLY FOR EXECUTIVE MEMBERS).